Friday, August 31, 2007

Yahoo Kickstart Social Network

Yahoo is building a new social network site that targets college students looking for employment. The service, called Yahoo Kickstart, will connect college students with alumni at the companies they would like to work for.

Similar to LinkedIn, users will have profile pages in resume style, as opposed to a multimedia Facebook or MySpace profile. However, the system will be based on Facebook’s company networks, where companies will have groups that college students will be able to join. Yahoo intends to expand Yahoo Kickstart on a viral invitation basis: in order to join a group, users will need an invite via a former student who works at that company.

The question is whether or not Yahoo will succeed at competing in the social network arena (particularly in the college student sector) with current well-established social network Facebook and professional networking site LinkedIn.

Over a year ago Yahoo offered $1 billion to acquire Facebook, which the firm rejected right away… Not surprisingly, now Yahoo is trying to make a serious move to take advantage of social networks’ potential. The concept sounds good and Yahoo has the resources to actually kickstart its new project. Stay tuned for more on this subject!