Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Webware 100 Awards 2007

Webware 100 awards 2007Webware.com has unveiled the winners of its first user-generated Web 2.0 awards. During 20 days in May and June, the users of Webware.com community voted for their favorite Web applications.

The top 100 Web apps were selected from 5,000 initial nominations and were broken into 10 different categories as follow:

  • Browsing: Web browsers, extensions, widgets, and security
  • Communications: e-mail, chat, VOIP
  • Community: social networks, groups
  • Data: search, storage, backup, sharing, and sync
  • Entertainment: Games and contests
  • Media: audio, video, photo
  • Mobile: portable utilities and apps
  • Productivity: apps, business tools, commerce
  • Publishing: blogging, web content, design tools
  • Reference: Mapping, reference works, and education
Congratulations to all winners!

Webware 100 awards 2007