Thursday, January 4, 2007

Blue2O2 - Pulse Oximeter

Last week I had the great privilege of participating in the creation of a demo video of what is going to be, I believe, a revolution in the world of the aviation. I have to confess that I am pretty satisfied with the result. Let's see what you think. :-P

The device is actually a safety method to identify the levels of oxygen saturation and heart rate of pilots during flight. To those who might not know, it is specially important to being able to control these levels in specific conditions, such as high altitude or pressure, where the decrease of oxygen can lead to hypoxia.

Hypoxia represents a serious problem in aviation, since it is known to be one of the main causes of aircraft accidents in the past. With the use of this device, this will not be an issue anymore! It is small, portable and wireless. Moreover, the device integrates on any laptop, tablet pc, or PDA as long as it runs Windows OS.

Highly recommended!